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    I’m intrested in dance since i was a child. Despite the fact that I have studied just a bit from the masters of the dance , it is fully defines my life.  In certain preiods of my life  I pushed this feeling away, so I didn’t even live my life. Now when I'm dancing, I refill  myself and I am able to be myself again, and  leaving  my blockedges behind.

    Once when I got into a private crisis together with my family, I got back intuitively to the healing power of the dance. It guided me to the Ma-Uri massage.

    As a  naturopath,  I know many alternative healing treatments based on the unit of the body, the spirit, and the soul. I have got experiences in many kind of massages, like  swedish massage, lymp massage and thai massage, but only  the Ma-Uri massage has completed me. During  I’m giving a massage, it fills me with  affectionate ambience. Greatful to fate, I was able to taste the fully Harmony of Ma-Uri during the massages.



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